Parts of Speech

A Part of Speech in grammar is one of the classes into which words are divided according to the work they do in a sentence.

They are eight in number.

1.  Noun:

Noun is the name of person, an animal, a place or a thing.

E.g. I met Anderson

       A group of boys has just arrived

Here, ‘Anderson’ and ‘group’ are nouns.

There are five types of nouns:

1. Proper Noun: A proper noun is the name used for one special person or place; as:

E.g. Robert       Hindu        Nepal

Here, Robert is one special person, Hindu is one special sect and Nepal is the one special place. They are therefore Proper Nouns.

The names of sect, day, month, festival, river, country, desert etc are proper nouns which begin with capital letter.

E.g. Sunday           March       Nile        Sahara

2.Common Noun: A common noun is the name that can be used for any member of a class; as:

E.g. Cow       man     country     house     umbrella

Here, country, man, cow does not refer to one special (i.e. Nepal, Egypt) but refers to any member of countries, cows or men. They are therefore common nouns.

3.Collective Noun: A collective noun is one that is singular in form but stands for many individuals; as:

E.g. Class